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About Hoarding

Hoarding is a medically recognised disorder where an individual acquires a large number of items, resulting in an unmanageable situation.

Attempting to remove any items can often bring an individual large amount of stress which is overwhelming, leading to the situation becoming worse and uncontrollable.

Acorn Environment Services are here to help and have successfully cleared hundreds of homes. Therefore, we can handle your issue in the best possible way.


How can we help?

Why Acorn?

We appreciate that this can be a difficult experience for an individual, however ourspecialised team are highly skills in order to achieve a stress free experience.

How we complete a hoarding clearance?

Our team will ensure that none of the tenants most treasured belongings are disposed of. Therefore, by creating a category system (keep, recycle, waste removal) we can achieve the best outcome for the homeowner.

How Can We Help?

Frequently Asked Questions

Acorn is a fully licensed, fully insured and fully accredited service with over 30 years’ experience in providing effective solutions to eradicate and prevent the pest infestations from rodents, vermin and insects.rnEach pest query or concern is well considered and thoroughly surveyed by our expert team to ensure all business and property owners receive the best advice and course of actionrn

Rats and vermin can carry pathogens that spread diseases that can affect humans. According to the CDC, rats and mice can spread over 35 diseases – including Weil’s disease, Salmonella, Listeria and more – and are even responsible for an outbreak of monkey pox in 2003.rnCharacterised by a pair of incisors that grow up to 5 inches each year, rats gnaw and chew on electrical wires and other household objects to wear them down. When left to roam free, rats can cause serious structural damage to your home.

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