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Remedial Works

Remedial Works

At Acorn, our remedial works services currently include:

  • Installation, servicing and fail safe testing of TMVs (Thermostatic mixing valves)
  • Pipework Insulation
  • Deadleg removal.

Cold water storage tanks

  • Insulation of storage vessels.
  • Supply and installation of new secure lid
  • Supply and installation of screen vent to vessel lid
  • Re-piping of expansion pipework
  • Supply and Installation of Insect Screen To Overflow
  • Supply and Installation of Vessel Drain Valves
  • Balancing of Water Storage Vessels (to ensure even flow)

Hot water calorifiers

  • Internal inspections/ chlorination works
  • Installation of temperature gauges

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, by managing systems where legionella is most likely found. Secondly, contacting a professional who can complete treatment on sources where the risk of legionella is high is also advised.

Legionnaires’ disease can be contracted when water droplets containing Legionella bacteria enter a person’s lungs.

There is currently no cap on fines for Legionella. However, examples show companies being fined nearly £2 million after failing a legionella test

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