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Pest Control Southport

Whether you’re facing a pest infestation that’s small like ants, or something bigger like rats it can still cause the same amount of stress and worry. You can get in touch with Acorn Environment today and we can be on site in Southport in as little as four hours helping to rid you of your pest problem.

Our trained technicians work all over the Southport and Sefton area helping to ensure pests are kept at bay in your homes and businesses.

It’s important that you deal with a pest problem as soon as you notice it. If you choose to ignore it, the damage could spread quite quickly and you can end up with structural damage to your building, whether it’s residential or commercial. Pest damage can not only cause damage to buildings but they can also impact your health, so it’s vital you get in touch with us and we’ll get someone out to help as quickly as possible.

Southport Pest Control

You might think it’s embarrassing to have a pest problem in your home or business, but the majority of infestations occur because of the location of the premises more than any other factor. Acorn Environment is here to help with no judgement regarding the problem you’re facing, just experienced technicians who will work swiftly to help remove the problem and put precautions in place to stop it happening again.

Naturally, you’ll want the problem fixed as quickly as possible. That’s why we pride ourselves on our four-hour reactive time. Get in touch via our phone number 0161 483 7112 or speak to someone via our live chat service on the website, and we aim to get a technician to your premises within four hours to get your pest problem eliminated.

Pest problems we can solve

Acorn Environment is a reputable pest control company with experts that are local to Southport that can help provide a service that is quick and efficient.We can remove unwanted visitors from your homes and businesses discreetly, and help to protect your properties from any further pest infestations. We can deal with infestations that include ants, moths, wasps, cockroaches, rats, mice, moles, pigeons and many more.

With our experience you can rest easy knowing that your pest problem will soon be over and our approved methods of removal will have done the job quickly.

Southport pest control solutions that are reliable

Here are all the reasons why you should contact Acorn Environment to help with your pest issues in Southport and the surrounding areas.

  • Acorn Environment employs a team of highly qualified and experienced technicians who work swiftly to remove any pests that have nested in your property.
  • We can work in both domestic and commercial properties, basically no job is too big or too small for us. We have everything we need to tackle the big and small pest problems that can occur in and around Southport.
  • When you book a job with Acorn Environment you’ll be given access to a live job system, this allows you to see where your technician is currently at, giving you an indication of how long you’ll have to wait for him to arrive.
  • If it’s easier, we can also send you notifications via text of when you can expect your technician to arrive to take care of the pests.
  • For every job we work to a reactive time of four hours, ensuring that there is someone at your property within that time to help you eliminate your pest problem.
  • Our pest control services in Southport are competitively priced ensuring that you get the best price for your job with our professional technicians.

You can get in touch with us today via the live chat service we offer on the website, or call us on the number 0161 483 7112.

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