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At Acorn, we love bees! So, if you’re looking for bee hive removal in Preston, you’ve come to the right place.

There are over 250 species of bees in the UK, the most well-known of which is the bumblebee. Other common types include:

  • Honeybee
  • Tawny mining bee
  • Common carder bee
  • Red mason bee

Unless you have an allergy, bee hives generally pose no significant danger. However, when bees decide to set up shop in an inconvenient location like near a doorway or window, the risk of getting stung increases. In some cases, they can even damage your home – especially if it’s wooden.

Call on us as soon as you notice a hive and we can get the job done before anything happens.

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"I rang out of hours for a wasp nest and someone came that evening and sorted the problem for me and my little boy as he's highly allergic, he was friendly & helpfull and reassuring, would highly recommend them really easy to contact Friendly team"

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"Acorn were so helpful on there online chat I had an issue with pigeons nesting under my solar panels and didn't know what to do,withing an hour I'd been contacted given a quote and 24hrs after acorn had been cleaned all the mess up and removed all the nests and proofed all my solar panels stopping pigeons coming back under can't recommend enough!"

Gillian Brown


"Used Acorn for a garden/yard clearance! Superb service! The two guys who came (Chris and Chris) were polite, professional and friendly. Start to finish it took no more than half an hour! Very impressed, would highly recommend."

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"Really grateful to Demi and the team for assisting at such short notice. Prompt service which ran smoothly. Highly recommend!"

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"I had a pigeon problem so I contacted Acorn, they came out and got rid for me. They also did a house clearance for me at the same time. I was amazed at the quality of the work done, and the aftercare. I would 100% recommend them."

Martin Cowell


"Excellent Service thanks for attending so promptly and dealing with the problem and taking into consideration the complex needs of the situation."

Natalie Hatzer

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Swarm, nest and bee hive removal in Preston

Whether a swarm has come to visit, or a hive has fully moved into your soffits, we can get your bee problem under control.

1. Bee swarm removal Preston

A bee swarm refers to a temporary gathering of bees that have departed from their original hive in search of a new one. There are several methods available for removing a swarm, including:

  • Smoking out the swarm: This technique helps to calm the bees, making them easier to handle.
  • Using a bee vacuum: This device effectively sucks up the bees and transports them to a different hive.
  • Cutting out the honeycomb: While this method can cause some damage, it becomes necessary when dealing with swarms in hard-to-reach areas.

Once the bees have been successfully eliminated, the beekeeper will either relocate them to a new hive or release them back into their natural environment.

2. Bee nest removal Preston

A bee hive serves as a permanent residence for a bee colony. Since these hives are constructed from honeycomb, they can attract other pests like ants and flies. Moreover, they have the potential to cause damage to plasterboard ceilings and contribute to damp issues. As such, it is crucial to promptly seek assistance from an expert.

The process of removing a bee hive is similar to removing a swarm. Options include applying smoke to the nest or utilising a bee vacuum to extract the bees individually. In cases where the hive is located in a challenging spot, it may be necessary to resort to cutting out the honeycomb. This method is more invasive and will only be employed as a last resort.

3. Bee exterminators Preston

If you’re dealing with a bee nest situated in a hard-to-reach location, we are still able to provide assistance. While our primary focus is always to relocate the bees to a new habitat, there are instances where this may not be feasible.

In such cases, and only as an absolute last option, we employ a highly efficient powder or spray treatment that swiftly and painlessly eliminates the bees.

Our team of bee removal specialists possesses the necessary experience and expertise to tackle bee nests in even the most difficult areas. We will collaborate with you to determine a solution that prioritises safety for you, your family, and the bees.

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Protecting your Preston property against bees

Although bee stings are not as severe as wasp stings, they can still lead to significant reactions. Additionally, bee hives have the potential to cause substantial damage to your property. Therefore, it is essential to take preventive measures to discourage bees from taking up residence. Here are some tips to safeguard your home from bees:

  • Keep windows and doors closed to prevent bees from entering your home.
  • Install fly screens to keep bees out while allowing fresh air to flow.
  • Conduct early spring inspections for small and manageable bee nests.
  • Seal bins that contain food or garbage, as bees are attracted to sweet odours.
  • Use wasp traps to capture bees and other pests.
  • Employ peppermint oil, a natural repellent, to deter bees.

If you have attempted all of the above measures and are still experiencing difficulties with bees, please contact us, and our experts will assist you in finding a suitable solution.

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Removing Bee Swarms In Preston And Beyond

We provide bee pest control services across the whole of the North West, but mainly focus on the following areas:

Bee nest removal FAQs

What is the cost of bee removal?

With over 30 years of experience in providing bee pest control services in the North West, we are committed to offering competitive and efficient pricing. We understand that each bee nest removal situation is unique, so our pricing is customised accordingly.

Why are bees important?

Bees are crucial to our ecosystem as they play a vital role in pollination. While it is essential to protect bees and their habitats, we also want to prevent them from establishing nests in our attic, walls, or garden bushes. Our experts are here to help by swiftly and humanely relocating the hive to a new and secure location.

Are bees and wasps the same?

Bees and wasps are distinct from one another, despite their similar body shapes, which often leads to confusion. Bees are critical for pollination and should not be harmed. They typically have a light brown/brown-yellow coloration, while wasps have distinct yellow and black bands around their abdomen.

Do bees die after stinging?

Only female bees possess stingers, and among them, only Honeybees die after stinging. They resort to stinging as a last resort, knowing that it will result in their own demise. As the stinger embeds into human skin for it to be effective, the Honeybee must self-amputate in order to fly away.

How do you determine if bees are pests?

Bees become pests when they construct their nests in or near areas inhabited by humans and pose a threat to humans or pets. This can include aggressive behaviour, stinging incidents, and the potential for allergic reactions.

Is it safe to remove bees by myself?

Attempting to remove bees by yourself can lead to serious injuries or harm to both you and the bees. Our professionals are equipped to safely remove hives or swarms and relocate the bees to a new home.

How do you go about removing bees?

The process of bee removal begins with identifying the type and location of the nest. Based on the nest's size and location, we determine the most suitable method, which may involve vacuuming, trapping, or physical removal.

Is it safe to be present during bee removal?

As long as you have the appropriate protective gear, it is safe to be present in the area while bees are being removed.

Is it illegal to destroy a bee nest in the UK?

Yes, it is illegal to destroy a bee nest in the UK without a permit from your local authority. Bees are protected species, and their nests are considered their homes. If you discover a bee nest on your property, contact Acorn, and we will safely and legally remove the bees.

How long do bees stay in a nest?

The duration that bees remain in a nest varies depending on the bee species. Honeybees typically occupy a nest for one year, while bumblebees may inhabit a nest for several years. When the bees in a nest perish, the queen bee will either establish a new nest or expire.

What happens if you leave a bee's nest?

If left undisturbed, bees will continue to inhabit a nest until they die off naturally. However, if the nest is in a hazardous location such as near a doorway or window, you may prefer to have it removed.

Are bees and wasps the same?

Bees and wasps are not the same, though they are often confused as they can have a similar body shape. Bees are vital for pollination and should not be harmed, they typically have a light brown / brown-yellow colour, while wasps have distinct yellow and black bands around their abdomen.

How can I get rid of bees in my cavity wall?

If you have bees in your cavity wall, please get in touch with us, and we will safely remove the bees without causing damage to your home.