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Water Sampling & Analysis

Water Sample Testing

Acorn Environment Services is a leading water and environmental specialist offering expert laboratory services including drinking water testing and analysis of both mains fed (tap water) and private water supplies (including boreholes, wells and other watercourses) to organisations and private individuals throughout the UK and Ireland.

Our potable water analysis procedures incorporate tests for metals and heavy metals, chemical and microbiological analysis, and in-field sampling services.

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Why test drinking water?

When was the last time that you had the quality of your tap water tested?

Here in the UK, water utility companies have to conform to strict water quality standards set by the Government, and enforced by the regulator, the Drinking Water Inspectorate (DWI).

These standards ensure that the water flowing through the mains distribution system is up to scratch at all times.

However, once the water leaves the mains supply and enters a private residence or commercial building, the pipes, storage tanks, local distribution systems and other factors can start to affect the quality of the water.

There are also properties, mostly in remote locations, which depend on other types of private water supplies such as springs, boreholes, rivers, lakes or wells and people using these types of supplies may need to carry out their own drinking water testing too.

Monitoring packages can include water sampling and analysis (chemical and microbiological including legionella).

Water samples collected will be submitted to an independent UKAS accredited laboratory facility for analysis and reporting. Pool water samples collected are stored in refrigerators following collection and during transit.

All water samples collected are processed by independent UKAS accredited laboratory facilities within 6 hours of collection.

Certificates of analysis will be sent to the client following the receipt of results from the laboratory.

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Water Sampling FAQs

Yes, by managing systems where legionella is most likely found. Secondly, contacting a professional who can complete treatment on sources where the risk of legionella is high is also advised.

Legionnaires’ disease can be contracted when water droplets containing Legionella bacteria enter a person’s lungs.

There is currently no cap on fines for Legionella. However, examples show companies being fined nearly £2 million after failing a legionella test

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