Bed Bugs: Why They Infest And How To Get Rid

8 September 2022

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    Bedbugs are often referred to as hitch hikers as they move from one place to another, usually when items such as luggage, soft furnishings, clothing and furniture are moved. Bedbugs are found anywhere with a food source or where human blood can be found. Bed bugs are not connected to messy and dirty spaces. That is just a myth.

    How to prevent bed bugs

    • Reduce clutter in your home where bugs could inhabit
    • Ensure that you clean second hand goods such as clothing and furniture before items enter your home
    • Hoovering regularly can help reduce the size of a bed bug population. But remember to empty and clear the hoover to avoid transferring the bed bugs elsewhere in your house.
    • Wash and dry your clothes at the highest temperatures to kill eggs and beetles (60 Degrees where possible)

    What should I do if a bed bug is found

    Hire a professional from Acorn Environment Services who can complete a treatment to eradicate the pests from the affected areas within your property. They are the real experts in their field and have the training, knowledge and skills to eradicate the problem and use effective control methods to prevent the bed bugs reoccurring through effective pest management programmes.

    If you would like to know more about our pest control services, including prices and availability, please get in touch. 


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