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Factory Cleaning

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Acorn Factory cleaning services include factory wall cleaning by our qualified operatives. They are equipped to safely and carefully remove years of grime from interior factory walls and restore the walls to their original shine. Our operatives remove dust that could contaminate products and that provide a breeding ground for infestation. We also remove built-up dust that could be an explosive or fire hazard.

Acorn operatives clean your plant so your business can meet regulatory standards and audits. We use low volume controlled applications of degreaser – and scrubbing where necessary – and rinse to make your factory sparkling clean which not only will impress your customers but make your factory a more pleasant and healthy workplace for your employees.

We use a wide range of heads and brushes to reach those difficult to reach areas. We get the best results for those awkward parts of your workplace, leaving them completely clean.

All chemicals used by Acorn Environment Services staff are COSHH risk assessed by our Health and Safety department and stored in a locked facility at our property.

Once the works are completed a detailed post-treatment report with photographic evidence will be provided.

If you would like to know more about our factory cleaning services, including prices and availability, please get in touch.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Acorn require the property to be vacant for 2-3 hours after the fooging treatment is complete. Following this, it is completely safe to return.

The timeframe for human and pets remains the same. We require the property to be vacant 2-3 hours after the treatment.

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