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Rats and Mice

About Rats and Mice

Acorn Environment Services provide removal and prevention for all types of rodents and vermin. We will work with you and your business or property to find the best solution.

Acorn can implement effective, reactive strategies to investigate thoroughly, identify the problem and location in order to eradicate the problem.



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Rats and Mice Prevention

Why Protect?

Carrying pathogens and diseases which can effect humans, rats and vermin can spread over 35 diseases – including Weil’s disease, Salmonella, Listeria and more

How to protect?

-Ensure any gaps and entry points to your home are blocked

-Clear up any areas where rodents could build a nest

-Keep your grass and tree branches trimmed to reduce shelter and seeds for food

Prevention and the Law

-Keep foodstuffs sealed and ensure animal food is cleaned away.

-Ensure the outside of your property is clear of waste

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Frequently Asked Questions

Acorn is a fully licensed, fully insured and fully accredited service with over 30 years’ experience in providing effective solutions to eradicate and prevent the pest infestations from rodents, vermin and insects.
Each pest query or concern is well considered and thoroughly surveyed by our expert team to ensure all business and property owners receive the best advice and course of action

Rats and vermin can carry pathogens that spread diseases that can affect humans. According to the CDC, rats and mice can spread over 35 diseases – including Weil’s disease, Salmonella, Listeria and more – and are even responsible for an outbreak of monkey pox in 2003.
Characterised by a pair of incisors that grow up to 5 inches each year, rats gnaw and chew on electrical wires and other household objects to wear them down. When left to roam free, rats can cause serious structural damage to your home.

The most tell-tale sign of rats is clustered faeces that are usually dark in colour and pellet-shaped. Chewed electric cables, woodwork or brick is another key sign, as rats are avid gnawers and can cause structural damage if left alone.

Although from the same family, rats and mice are different in terms of their body shape, size, droppings and nest locations

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