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Wasps and Bees

About Wasps and Bees

Bees and wasps are most active in the summer due to the cycle of productivity which they go through. Although similar, bees and wasps are different. Bees are essential for plant pollination and therefore should not be harmed.

Queens in April

April is the month when the queen beings to lay her eggs and is the most fertile.

They Nest in May

In May, the eggs start to hatch, expanding the nest further.

Worker Wasps in June and July

During June and July, the wasp nest reaches peak activity levels and the nest continues to grow in size. By July, many hundreds of wasps have been raised to adulthood in the nest and hundreds more are resting in their eggs or are recently hatched.

September and October

September to October, the wasp activity is beginning to wind down, with workers dying and the queen slowing down her egg laying.

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Wasps and Bee Prevention

Why Protect?

Wasps strings are painful and at worst fatal. Some individualsbe unaware that they are allergic but can suffer from severe reactions

How to protect?

Secure your home by keeping windows and doors closed. Standard fly screens can help stop wasps and bees getting in

Keep bin lids shut

Check for nests early. This should be completed each spring while the nests are small and easy to deal with

Ensure window are sealed

Prevention and the Law

Seal bins

Use wasp traps

Use peppermint oil

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Frequently Asked Questions

Bees are often confused with wasps because they have a similar shaped body. However bees are vital for pollination to occur and should not be harmed.

Wasps have distinct yellow/black bands around the abdomen,

Bees have a more non-descript light brown/brown-yellow colour.

A nest will last for 4-6 months however during this time, the nest may change from active to inactive depending on the time of the year.

Killing one wasps will usually attract more. It is better to repel or ignore the wasp, rather than kill.

A queen can live as long as 12 months as she hibernates during the winter in order to establish a new colony the following spring/summer. It is thought that worker wasps live for around 12 – 22 days and male wasps have even shorter lives.

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