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    At Acorn, WE LOVE BEES! Far from being a pest, bees perform many useful functions in nature, so we do everything we can to conduct bee nest removal without harming them.

    However, we completely understand that, while they may be a protected species, you don’t necessarily want a nest of them in your cavity walls, bushes, and roof soffits. If this does happen then call on the best bee removal service in Manchester; call Acorn Environment Services.

    If you are in close proximity to the nest or swarm then you are likely to be seen as a threat and stings can be expected. We recommend bee nest removal as early as possible. We’ve been dealing with bee nest removals for over 30 years, so our bee removers know how to remove them from your property quickly and in a humane way.

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    Swarm, Hive, and Bee nest removal

    Swarm removal

    Swarms are physically removed without harming the bees. The entire swarm is then re-homed together.

    Hive removal:

    If bees have created their hive (the honeycomb nests) inside your property, then this will need to be removed, as it is made up of sugars which attract all sorts of other pests, such as ants and flies. Not only that, but it can rot plasterboard ceilings and cause damp problems.


    If bees are in an area that cannot be easily accessed for bee nest removal then, as a very last resort, we apply a highly effective powder or spray treatment to the entry points of the nest that will kill them quickly.

    For more information on bee nest removal in the North West then speak to our expert bee removers for a FREE quote or complete the form at the top of the page.

    How to protect against Wasps and Bees

    Why Protect?

    Wasp stings are very painful, can cause severe reactions and, in some extreme cases, can cause anaphylaxis and even death. Bee stings are much less potent but still have the ability to cause severe reactions and anaphylaxis.

    How to protect?

    Secure your home by keeping windows and doors closed. Standard fly screens are effective at helping to stop wasps and bees from getting indoors.

    Effective prevention

    • Check for nests in early spring when the nests are still small and easy to deal with
    • Seal bins
    • Use wasp traps
    • Use peppermint oil as a natural repellent

    If you have tried all of the above and your wasps or bees are not going away then reach out to our pest control team for friendly advice, support, and pest removal.

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    About Wasps and Bees

    Bees and wasps include some of nature’s most vicious stingers but they only use the stinger for defence or to kill prey, and their bright yellow markings are to warn that they are dangerous. Most bees and wasps have a narrow waist, but wood wasps and sawflies have chunkier bodies with a saw-like blade instead of a stinger, which they use for slicing into plants to lay their eggs.

    Bees are also some of the most important pollinators of flowering plants and moving pollen between flowers in the animal world, so if bees do need to be removed from a property then it’s incredibly important to do everything possible to ensure that they survive the re-homing procedure.

    If you need help identifying and moving a swarm of bees from your domestic or commercial building then speak with one of our experts today.

    Our Pricing

    At Acorn Environment Services, we strive to provide the most competitive and efficient pricing for our wasp and bee removal services. Our specialist team utilizes modern techniques and expert equipment to safely and effectively remove these pests from your property.

    As no two jobs are the same, neither is our pricing. We understand the importance of a prompt and efficient service that won’t also break the bank. Contact us today for your free quote.

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    "I rang out of hours for a wasp nest and someone came that evening and sorted the problem for me and my little boy as he's highly allergic, he was friendly & helpfull and reassuring, would highly recommend them really easy to contact Friendly team"

    Amanda Grimes


    "Used Acorn for a garden/yard clearance! Superb service! The two guys who came (Chris and Chris) were polite, professional and friendly. Start to finish it took no more than half an hour! Very impressed, would highly recommend."

    Ian Collett


    "Really grateful to Demi and the team for assisting at such short notice. Prompt service which ran smoothly. Highly recommend!"

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    "Excellent Service thanks for attending so promptly and dealing with the problem and taking into consideration the complex needs of the situation."

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    "Acorn came to remove a wasps nest from the time to reporting it to Acorn arriving to remove it was a total of 3 hours. I was so impressed. The lads who came were very helpful, professional and polite. Great value for money and I will be recommending to all my family and friends"

    Tracie Jackson


    "Your technician was very polite and well mannered, he even made time to have a quick chat which is a surprise for me as most people who work on your home are just there to get job done and go 10/10!"

    Keighley Boyes

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    Frequently asked questions

    Are bees and wasps the same?

    Bees are often confused with wasps because they have a similar shaped body. However bees are vital for pollination to occur and should not be harmed. Wasps have distinct yellow/black bands around the abdomen, Bees have a more non-descript light brown/brown-yellow colour.

    How long does a wasps nest last?

    A nest will last for 4-6 months however during this time, the nest may change from active to inactive depending on the time of the year.

    What will happen if I kill a wasp?

    Killing one wasps will usually attract more. It is better to repel or ignore the wasp, rather than kill.

    How long do wasps live?

    A Queen can live as long as 12 months as she hibernates during the winter in order to establish a new colony the following spring/summer. It is thought that worker wasps live for around 12 – 22 days and male wasps have even shorter lives. If you need help with bee removal in Manchester then speak to one of our friendly team for a FREE quote.