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You better watch out, the Rats are back

As the seasons change and winter approaches, rodent activity starts to increase as both rats and mice begin scrounging for food waste to hide away or to build a shelter for the cold months. Your home or business is the perfect place to do this.

Signs of Rodent infestation:

  • Evidence of nesting: Any shredded materials, including paper, cardboard, plants and rubbish.
  • Damage to property, food stores and bins: Rats need to chew on hard materials to keep their incisor teeth in check, so keep an eye out for gnawing marks on walls, wood, surfaces and metals. Bin bags may be torn open as the rodents hunt for food and nesting materials and any food stores will be a particular target for obvious reasons.
  • Droppings: Rat droppings are like little grains of dark brown rice and are pretty easy to spot, so be sure to check for them.
  • Scratching noises: Rodents can set up residence in walls, under floorboards and in lofts and attics. They are agile climbers and you will be able to hear them scratching around, particularly at night.
  • Rub marks and footprints: In less-used areas where there is a build-up of dust, you will be able to see footprints and tail marks where rodents have been. Also check along skirting boards for grease marks, as the filth and dirt on rats’ bodies will leave smudges along the surface.

How to keep rodents away from your home or business:

  • Ensure there are no proofing issues at your property. Any hole bigger than 5cm wide is big enough for a rodent to get in
  • If you have pets, feed them inside so that no food sources are exposed for the rodents to eat
  • Clean your home regularly, especially focusing on the kitchen where food sources occur
  • Make sure lids on bin stores are secured

Do you need our help?

With over 30 years experience, our trained operatives can inspect your home for the rodents and help set up a customised baiting plan alongside a proofing report. This will help resolve your pest problem, hassle free.

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